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We'd like to ask your support and participation in our effort to help improve and maintain the quality of our children's education.

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Fundraising Events

We, as parent volunteers, are excited to be a part of Turtleback’s transition to technology.

We hope you will support our efforts to raise funds that back technology initiatives, as these are key elements in the new Common Core State Standards being phased in to our schools. Modern education is moving away from rote learning toward creating critical thinkers and independent learners who are engaged and excited to come to school each day.

We only succeed with YOUR help.  Every pledge you make, every event ticket you buy, every restaurant fundraiser you attend, every plastic bottle you bring, every hour you volunteer—it all counts.


Thanks for Your Support

September 20th | by tef2013

Thank you so much for supporting this year’s Donation Drive. More than 143 families and 27 Turtleback teachers and staff [&hellip...

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